Quarterly report pursuant to Section 13 or 15(d)


6 Months Ended
Oct. 31, 2012
Organization, Consolidation and Presentation of Financial Statements [Abstract]  
This summary of accounting policies for Nuvilex, Inc. and Subsidiaries is presented to assist in understanding the Company's consolidated financial statements. The accounting policies conform to generally accepted accounting principles and have been consistently applied in the preparation of the consolidated financial statements.
History of the Company
The Company was founded as DJH International, Inc., a Nevada corporation, on October 28, 1996, changing its name to eFoodSafety.com, Inc. following the October 16, 2000 acquisition of Global Procurement Systems, Inc. The Company acquired Ozone Safe Food, Inc. for Common Stock on October 29, 2003. The Company’s early mission provided methods and products to ensure safety of marketed fruits and vegetables worldwide. On February 4, 2004, the Company registered shares with the Securities and Exchange Commission and its Common Stock began publicly trading on the OTC Bulletin Board under the trading symbol EFSF. The Company did not issue shares of Common Stock pursuant to an initial public offering. With less than projected demand for its produce sterilization methods and software tracking products, the Company changed its strategy and acquired Knock-Out Technologies, Ltd. and MedElite, Inc. in May 2004 and August 2005, respectively, of which Knock-Out Technologies, Ltd. was a developer of products using organic, non-toxic, food based substances and MedElite, Inc. was the exclusive U.S. distributor of TalsynTM-CI Scar Cream (“Talsyn”), a topical scar- reducing cream. The Company’s strategy was to bring to market scientifically derived products. The Company sold its Ozone Safe Food, Inc. operations in August 2005. In November 2006, the Company formed Cinnergen, Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary, to manufacture and market a non-prescription liquid nutritional supplement designed to promote healthy glucose metabolism, and purEffect, Inc., another wholly-owned subsidiary, to manufacture and market purEffectTM, a four-step non-prescription acne treatment. On March 10, 2006, the Company licensed the marketing rights for purEffectTM to Charlston Kentrist 41 Direct, Inc. (“CK41”). In July 2007, I-Boost, Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary was formed to market products to support the immune system. In March 2008, Cinnechol, Inc. became a wholly-owned subsidiary to promote cardiovascular health. In February 2009, the Company sold the rights to the purEffectTM product to CK41 for an equity position in CK41 and future royalty compensation. In March 2009, Freedom2 Holdings, Inc. was acquired to manufacture and market products including Infinitink®, a permanent tattoo ink designed to be removed more easily using conventional laser light. The Company changed its name to Nuvilex, Inc. on March 18, 2009 as part of the process.